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Human writing services. No AI

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Paul Cumbo

Principal & Founder

Stories lie at the heart of human experience. We use them to communicate our most important ideas, whether simple or complex. But crafting a compelling narrative takes both artistic skill and technical precision – and that combination is hard to find.

That's where PJC Editorial can help. I provide premier writing and editorial services to individuals and small businesses as well as some of the world's most discerning corporate, academic, and nonprofit organizations. My work is never AI-generated – it's all human, all the time. That distinction matters.

I've taught English for more than twenty years at two selective college prep schools. This is perhaps the best credential I bring to my editorial and writing work. The knowledge, perspective, and patience gained through teaching the craft of writing are invaluable when it comes to getting the message just right.

As an author, I've honed the art of storytelling. Even the most technical writing projects have an underlying story. In fact, the quality of technical writing often hinges on its adherence to narrative structure. Projects that resonate with readers focus on the story that lies at the core. 

I've worked with the world's most prestigious management consulting firms and global nonprofits on high-level publications; likewise, I've helped young job applicants reflect upon and share their stories. I've edited book-length manuscripts and one-sentence mission statements. No project is too large or too small. If it has to do with expressing ideas in writing, I can help.


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