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Creative & Marketing Content

Narrative is an effective way of delivering your message. PJC Services can help tell the story of your organization's product, mission, service, people, or experience in a way that resonates with your clients, customers, and the public. If you need assistance with graphic design, PJC Services can incorporate professional written content with attractive brochures, newsletters, pamphlets and posters. If you want to take your company's materials to the next level, PJC will subcontract with a professional, Academy Award nominated digital artist. Examples of creative content include: 


  • Website copy

  • Company History, Customer Experiences, and other Narrative Storytelling

  • Organization / Company Misison Statements

  • Newsletters & Brochures

  • Letters, E-mails & Customer Communications


Rates are hourly. Use the contact form on this website for a free consultation and quote.


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