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Private Coaching & Tutoring

"Non multa, sed multum." 


The Latin phrase means "not many things; rather, one thing, deeply." That was the guiding principle when I founded PJC Services as a tutoring company in 2007, and it remains at the core of my educational philosophy, whether working with school aged or adult clients.

Writing & Communications Skills Coaching for Adults

I work one-on-one with adult clients to develop communication abilities, both written and spoken. I have worked with college students, working professionals in a variety of fields, and even high-level executives in global corporations to enhance their presentation and public speaking skills. Whether you wish to enhance your skills or excel when it comes to a single upcoming speaking engagement, I can work with you to approach these challenges with poise, confidence, and proven strategies.

High School and Undergraduate College Tutoring

With more than two decades of experience teaching reading, literature, and writing at two selective college prep schools, I am qualified and ready to bring a new learning dynamic to students in high school and college. 60-90 minute sessions of personalized tutoring will enhance a student's comprehension and abilities in any area of verbal skills.

Rates are hourly; package pricing is available. Click on "CONTACT" in the menu above to arrange

a free phone consultation and quote.


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