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Manuscript Coaching & Editing

PJC Services brings professional knowledge and real market experience to bear for manuscript editing of longer projects, including:


  • novels & novellas

  • memoirs

  • biography & autobiography

  • short stories

  • narrative nonfiction

  • journalistic essays & articles


PJC's work on your manuscript will go far beyond simple proofreading. Editorial services are available a la carte or as a package:

Conceptual Consulting & Manuscript Coaching

You may have a great story to tell, but you aren't sure how to tell it. I'll work with you from the ground up to develop a plan. We'll consider your goals, discuss your concerns, and use proven strategies to provide form and structure to your vision for a manuscript. You'll have a conceptual roadmap that incorporates essential thematic elements with a navigable path for your story to follow. My experience as a writer and editor is informed by a postgraduate specialization in creative writing and many years spent in the classroom exploring great books with thousands of students.

Developmental Editing

You've got a first draft complete. Developmental editing involves a close reading of your material with a critical eye toward narrative structure, plot development, and storytelling craft. We'll consult in depth about your work first, so that I can approach this process with your concerns and needs in mind. In the end, you'll have a substantial body of meaningful, constructive feedback to inform your next process of revision. 

Line Editing

Line editing engages your well-developed manuscript at the sentence and paragraph level. This is the "close edit," and involves the most intricate work in the editorial process. I'll bring to bear my skills in grammar, syntax, tone, and mood. Along with this practical approach, a I'll continue to focus on plot and character development. A complete line edit presents you with a comprehensive round of "tracked-changes" feedback coupled with a substantial body of inline comments embedded in your manuscript. 


This service is a "final" pass on a refined manuscript. It's not an in-depth line edit; rather, it's a careful read for errors and grammatical missteps that have managed to escape detection. As a matter of integrity, I will generally not engage in proofreading a manuscript I've edited in previous rounds. This is not good practice. If I missed something in the line edits, I'll probably miss it in the proof. In this case, proofreading is one of the few services I'll for which I will outsource and subcontract another professional. If it's a piece I haven't seen before, proofreading is available as a standalone service.

Rates for manuscript editing services are hourly. Contact me for a free consultation and quote. Subsequent rounds of editing are available at a reduced rate.  



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