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Commissioned Books & Ghostwriting

Commissioned Books

A commissioned work is one written by another author under contract. I have experience crafting various commissioned works, including an institutional history of nearly 600 pages. If you or your company have a need for a long-form writing project, a commissioned work may be a good fit. These are considerable projects and often involve substantial research and interviews.


Many people have a vision for a fiction or nonfiction book, but lack either the time or writing abilities to see it to fruition. Ghostwriting services are employed more commonly than many people know. It is not uncommon for prominent public figures or leaders in business, industry, or culture to work with a ghostwriter to craft their message.

With a ghostwriting contract, you work closely with your writer to ensure the vision for your book is carried through to the final manuscript. You are listed as the author of record; it's called "ghost" writing for a reason! In essence, a ghostwriter is a heavily-involved editor who works with you to transform your ideas into a publishable manuscript.

Like a commissioned work, this is a premium service, and the significant cost reflects the considerable investment of your writer's time, energy, and expertise over an extended period--as well as the writer generally relinquishing the privilege of any royalties or future sales profits. Ghostwriting projects can take weeks or months depending on the scope and complexity. Contact me to arrange a consultation to discuss possibilities for your idea. I take these projects on carefully and with discretion. I will be upfront with you if yours is not a good fit for me.

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